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Telescoping Wonder Pole

These white fiberglass flagpoles sway in the breeze producing a dramatic, attention-getting display. Available in both 15' and 21' exposed height sizes and comes complete with 24" PVC ground sleeve and easy to follow instructions.  Excellent poles for car dealerships, parking lots, real estate agents, or anyone else looking to grab attention.

The 15' pole is adjustable from 6' to 15' and can fly either one 4'x6', one 3'x5', or two 2'x3' flags.                                       $90.00


The 21' pole is adjustable from 8'to 21' and can fly one 4'x6', one 4'x6' and one 3'x5', two 3'x5', or three 2'x3'                        $94.00

3/4" Neverfurl Flag Connectors. (sold in pairs)          $9.00


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