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Hinge Base Poles: External Halyard

These poles offer the latest in flagpole technology. They are manufactured using an innovative high pressure process that eliminates air pockets or weak spots. Because of this process, the poles are 50,000 psi tensile strength, 20% higher than other fiberglass poles. This adds up to a stronger, lighter, more sleek pole.

The hinged base makes installation and repair a piece of cake. The pole is bonded to the base with a 29" interior steel shaft. The base then hinges to the ground plate that is held in place by three 25" long 3/4" thick anchor rods.

Shipping is included on all hinge base poles shipped within the North East.

Why does Narragansett Flag Co. use a quoting system for flagpoles?


Available Sizes

Height Butt Diameter Top Diameter Weight Flag Size Base Price
20' 4.5" 2.5" 30.8 lbs. 3'x5' $949.99


4.5" 2.5" 37.4 lbs. 4'x6' $1,049.99
30' 5.5" 2.5" 44.0 lbs. 5'x8' $1349.99
33' 5.5" 2.5" 61.6 lbs. 5'x8' $1,499.99
35' 5.5" 2.5" 65.5 lbs. 5'x8' $1,599.99
40' 5.5" 2.5" 74.8 lbs. 6'x10' $1,749.99
50' 7.0" 2.5" 198 lbs. 8'x12' $4,550.00
60' 7.0" 2.5" 231 lbs. 10'x15' $5,250.00
70' 7.0" 2.5" 400 lbs. 12'x18' $9,450.00

Narragansett Flags Exclusive Offer:

A complimentary site visit by a Landscape Designer will be provided for all poles sold in Rhode Island to discuss placement of the pole!

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