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Fiberglass Internal Halyard Flagpoles

These fiberglass flagpoles are the least expensive way to obtain the traditional look of a white flagpole.  The fiberglass laminate provides long lasting beauty because the glossy surface resists scratching, soiling and will not rust or corrode.  More than 75% of the reinforcing glass fibers are aligned vertically to maximize rigidity and axial strength.  Poles come complete with a ball ornament, halyard (rope), flag snaps, cleat,  fiberglass foundation sleeve and a fiberglass flash collar.  All flagpoles are delivered to your door.  Please click the "Quote Me" button for personalized service.

Why does Narragansett Flag Co. use a quoting system for flagpoles?


Available Sizes

Model Height Butt Diameter Top Diameter Wall Flag Size Base Price
FG25IH 25' 6" 3" .180 4'x6' $1,429.99
FG30IH 30' 6.5" 3" .180 5'x8' $1,699.99
FG35IH 35' 7" 3" .200 5'x8' $2,149.99
FG39IH 39' 7" 3" .200 6'x10' $2,449.99
FG50IH 50' 10" 4.5" .275 8'x12' $6,399.99
FG60IH 60' 10.5" 4.5" .300 10'x15' $7,999,99
FG70IH 70' 16" 7" .325 12'x18' $14.299.99
FG78IH 78' 16.75" 7" .350 15'x25' $17,099.99

Narragansett Flags Exclusive Offer:

A complimentary site visit by a Landscape Designer will be provided for all poles sold in Rhode Island to discuss placement of the pole!



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