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Fiberglass External Halyard Flagpoles

These fiberglass flagpoles are the least expensive way to obtain the traditional look of a white flagpole.  The fiberglass laminate provides long lasting beauty because the glossy surface resists scratching, soiling and will not rust or corrode.  More than 75% of the reinforcing glass fibers are aligned vertically to maximize rigidity and axial strength.  Poles come complete with a ball ornament, halyard (rope), flag snaps (vinyl for FGR15-FGR25), cleat,  fiberglass foundation sleeve and a fiberglass flash collar for all models except FGR15-FGR25.  All flagpoles are delivered to your door.  Please click the "Quote Me" button for personalized service.



Available Sizes

Model Height Butt Diameter Top Diameter Flag Size Base Price
FGR15 15' 3" 1.85" 2'x3' $399.99
GS20 20' 4.5" 2.5" 3'x5' $469.99
GS25 25' 4.5" 2.5" 4'x6' $569.99
GS30 30' 5.5" 2.5" 5'x8' $1,299.99
GS35 35' 5.5" 2.5" 5'x8' $1,499.99
FG39 39' 7" 3" 6'x10' $2,249.99
FG50 50' 10" 4.5" 8'x12' $4,849.99
FG60 60' 10.5" 4.5" 10'x15' 6,499.99
FG70 70' 16" 7" 12'x18' $12,599.99
FG78 78' 16.75" 7" 15'x25' $15,349.99

Narragansett Flags Exclusive Offer:

A complimentary site visit by a Landscape Designer will be provided for all poles sold in Rhode Island to discuss placement of the pole!



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