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Aluminum Poles: Internal Halyard

Aluminum flagpoles are an excellent choice for many commercial sites. The deluxe series listed below features an internal halyard winch system that is operated by a removable crank system. The gearless system can be stopped at any point without a separate brake, requires no monthly lubrication, and little effort to raise and lower the flag. It also features a stainless steel halyard and a neoprene coated counterweight attached to the retainer ring.

Shipping is not included in the prices listed below. Please call or click the "quote me" button below for a shipping quote.

Why does Narragansett Flag Co. use a quoting system for flagpoles?


Available Sizes

Height Butt Diameter Top Diameter Wall Weight Flag Size Base Price
20' 5" 3" .188 118 lbs. 5'x8' $1,461.25


5" 3" .188 150 lbs. 5'x8' $2,187.50
30' 6" 3.5" .188 195 lbs. 5'x8' $2,616.25
35' 7" 3.5" .188 255 lbs. 6'x10' $3,062.50
40' 8" 3.5" .188 317 lbs. 8'x12' $3,841.25
50' 10" 4" .188 410 lbs. 10'x15' $4,624.00
60' 12" 4" .250 665 lbs. 12'x18' $7,725.00
70' 12" 4" .250 760 lbs. 15'x25' $8,475.00

Narragansett Flags Exclusive Offer:

A complimentary site visit by a Landscape Designer will be provided for all poles sold in Rhode Island to discuss placement of the pole!

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